Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scathing Sunday Independent article on the Irish Red Cross

On Sunday 28th February 2010 the Sunday Independent wrote a scathing article on the Irish Red Cross (page 2) titled 'Red Cross hasn't given a cent to flood victims yet' with a sub headline 'Mounting concerns over leadership vacuum within the crisis-ridden charity as €1.4 million that was donated by public remains untouched'

Daniel McConnell, the Sunday Independent's Chief Reporter, reported on the floods money which continue to sit in a Dublin bank account and have yet to be distributed to the affected victims. He also noted that the Labour Party has now called on Taoiseach Brian Cowen 'to make sorting out the Irish Red Cross a major priority'. This follows hot on the heels of Fine Gael asking the Taoiseach on Wednesday 24th February to launch an independent investigation into the affairs of the Irish Red Cross. It can only be a testament to the scale of the problems within the Irish Red Cross that despite the endless problems facing the country the two main opposition parties would call on the Taoiseach to intervene directly.

McConnell went on to state in his report that 'there is mounting disquiet within the Society over the delay in appointing a new permanent head of the organisation, as well as growing concerns over staff morale and working conditions'.

Once again it is very demoralising for all hard working Irish Red Cross volunteers, members and staff to see the organisation's problems all over the nation's media. Ultimately though if members wish the crisis to be resolved they themselves must address it. The vast majority of members recognise that the solution, while difficult to realise due to the power of certain individuals, is also notable for its simplicity, the removal of certain long serving Executive Commitee members who are responsible for the decades long crises and the appointment of a permanent high calibre experienced Secretary General. Members should not be waiting for the Taoiseach of the country to intervene and make such decisions for us. It is time for volunteers, Council and Executive members and staff to stand up and be counted and make these decisions ourselves.

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