Saturday, July 24, 2010

Irish Red Cross folly in suing Google over blog critic

Dear Readers,

Please find below article taken from our back up Blog site (please check it out, we hope you like it!!)

As all our readers will know the Irish Red Cross has decided to wantonly squander money in attempting to sue Google and force it to close our original Blog site:

The decision taken by the ruling elite and hired help of the Irish Red Cross to sue Google is a warped and pathetic attempt to satisfy their badly bruised egos using the resources of the Irish Red Cross to do so. There is no doubt if the Irish public and taxpayers found out that their kind and generous donations to the Irish Red Cross were being disgracefully wasted on a nonsensical legal action that cannot be won, which Google will fight with all the resources it can muster and, as we are proving with this back up Blog, cannot be successful, they would be furious. More importantly though they would feel betrayed.

The leadership of the Irish Red Cross has made a serious tactical and financial mistake, one that will ultimately be very damaging to the organisation. The Sunday Times (11th July 2010) has already reported on the case and media interest is guaranteed to intensify around the 26th July when the case will be first heard in the High Court. The Irish public will therefore be informed by the media all about the case, the Blog and unfortunately the sad and squalid situation prevailing within the Irish Red Cross. In the short term this will be very damaging to the Irish Red Cross but as we wrote in a previous article on our original Blog site it may very well be the trigger to 'blow the lid' on the Irish Red Cross and force an independent investigation, something this Blog and many commentators, staff, ex staff, Board members, the media and politicians of all persuasions have been calling for twenty years.

The Blog authors do not believe that we will need to switch to this back up Blog address as we are certain the Irish Red Cross will lose its motion on July 26th in the High Court. In the unlikely event the original Blog site is shut down we will use this one. Readers should also be aware that we have already established three other Blog sites but we will only reveal the addresses if required. All previous articles have been saved in soft copy and will be posted on these blog sites if need be.

This Blog calls on the Acting Chairman of the Irish Red Cross, Tony (Anthony) Lawlor, to immediately instruct the Acting Secretary General of the Irish Red Cross, Declan O'Sullivan, to withdraw his affidavit and desist from this folly.

One distressed member summed up the situation ' We all knew by the end of 2009 there were problems with the sudden and unexpected resignations of both the Chairman, David Andrews and the Secretary General, John Roycroft, two very honourable men. What we could not have predicted was the dramatic deterioration that has occurred over the last seven months. Everyone knows the reason for this so we hope and pray something will be done about it sooner rather than later. It seems to us that the organisation is spiraling out of control'


  1. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Best of luck here. Truth will come out in the end. It has obviously taken years to get this far. I know one of the characters at the top here and can see that he is totally unsuited to his role

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Good afternoon,
    I am a reporter with the Irish daily mail and we think it is crazy that the Red Cross are trying to close down your right to free speech.
    I would very much like to talk to you, maintaining your anonymity if you desire, about this matter.
    Please if you read this can you contact me at

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Dear Blogger,
    Having come across two articles relating to the Irish Red Cross in today’s Papers: Sunday Times: “Irish Red Cross’s ‘Undeclared’ €150,000” and The Sunday Business Post: “Red Cross takes Google to court over critical postings on blog” I naturally sought out this blog on the internet. I would imagine anyone with even a limited understanding of the nature of the internet, and indeed publicity in general, would question what the Irish Red Cross will achieve by taking Google to court. I may be a case in point: before today I had not viewed this blog, now I have and in addition to the points made in the newspaper articles I suspect something to be amiss at the Irish Red Cross.
    I read both articles with interest due to having previous passing interactions with the Irish Red Cross both in Ireland and internationally. Without doubt I was, and continue to be, in awe of the level of respect, trust and recognition the Red Cross emblem achieves among communities around the world irrespective of race, class or religion. This respect can only have been obtained through many years of providing focused and dedicated humanitarian relief across all divides around the world.
    Closer to home I have been involved in many sporting events across different codes around the country. Red Cross ambulances may often be taken for granted but they have always provided a reassuring support presence and indeed I have on occasion seen the professional and dedicated manner in which the Red Cross Volunteers provide first aid.
    Irrespective of the merit or otherwise of the content of this blog (and of course the subsequent comments) it would appear that there are certainly corporate governance issues at the Irish Red Cross. I am immediately struck by similarities between the Irish Red Cross and the Irish State as a whole. We can all recall that right up to mid 2008 the Government, the central bank, the regulator, banks, estate agents and developers were all confidently telling the public that the Irish economy was sound, robust and stable. Any dissenting comments were treated with downright contempt by the powers that be (re: former Taoiseach’s “suicide comments” relating to those predicting a heavy economic crash). Thousands of blogs could be written on that particular issue, but in relation to the Irish Red Cross it seems that Members/Volunteers are being fed the constant line that corporate governance is being reviewed and that ‘everything will be ok’.
    I would certainly hope that the severe and catastrophic implications of corporate governance failures across many Irish State Bodies and commercial organisations alike will lead Irish Red Cross Members and Volunteers to seek out the facts for themselves. Ask the questions; query the allegations; seek clarity and transparency; and demand appropriate corporate governance. Each and every Member and Volunteer, and indeed the general public, must be assured that the respect and trust earned by the Red Cross emblem is in no way being sullied by poor corporate governance.

  4. Hi
    At the PAC whitewash, I disclosed the existence of a written memo to 700 inspectors of taxes, preventing them from checking on the operation of DIRT. The C&AG were told not to refer to it. No other inspector disclosed it. The idea by the Revenue Commissioners, was to blame individuals within Investigation Branch for the DIRT debacle. It was, however,informal Government policy to grow the banks by all possible means that prevented detection of DIRT problems.

    You are clearly on the correect track. The Irish are unable to govern themselves in the ways set out by law. Every thread counts!
    Pull on it!

    Well done!

  5. Red Cross idiots.

    Google doesn't know who the blogger is. This is only a Blogspot site for God's sake. You don't have to give personal details to set up a stupid Blogger site.

    They'll spend a pile of donation money and in the end Google will laugh at them