Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunday Times journalist writes blog article on Irish Red Cross

The Sunday Times journalist, Mark Tighe, who has reported extensively on the serious internal problems at the Irish Red Cross (on 11th July, 25th July, 1st August and 8th August 2010) has written another article on the situation, this time on his own blog site. In particular Mr. Tighe notes the slow and very low key response of the Irish Red Cross to the massive humanitarian crisis in Pakistan. This is in stark contrast to the response by agencies such as Trocaire and Concern.

Mr. Tighe's article can be found by clicking the link to his blog below:

Newspaper Man -

Mr. Tighe is a courageous man as he will be well aware of the Irish Red Cross's propensity for taking legal action against anyone and everyone who criticises them. Already this year the Irish Red Cross has squandered and continues to squander donor funds on barrister and solicitor fees in order to take legal action against Google and UPC in its obsessive attempt to identify the authors of this Blog and thereby silence criticism. In addition the Sunday Times previously reported that the Irish Red Cross hired a forensic IT expert to assist in this regard. Again another example of resource wastefulness if true.

The Blog authors genuinely hope Mr. Tighe is not sued by the Irish Red Cross following his well written and articulate article referred to above. He has raised critically important issues in recent weeks and the Irish Red Cross needs to openly and transparently address and resolve these once and for all. When it does this the Irish Red Cross will find that it is the most effective way to silence critics. In fact it is the only way it will ever silence its critics. Legal action against free speech only serves to create suspicion, fuels media interest and attracts criticism.

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