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Minister Shatter criticises Irish Red Cross board ahead of review-Sunday Times

The Sunday Times carried another detailed report (3rd July 2011) on the endless problems and difficulties at the Irish Red Cross. According to the respected publication Alan Shatter, Minister for Justice and Defence, has written to the Irish Red Cross stating that he opposes long board service and has requested the Irish Red Cross to expeditiously address this problem.

Unfortunately to date Irish Red Cross has snubbed the Minister’s request. The Minister’s reaction to this snub will only become evident overtime but the Minister’s statement that direct and indirect support from the Government to the Irish Red Cross for 2012 is under review should be a matter of deep concern to all IRC volunteers and staff. It is clear that long serving board members are rapidly becoming a funding and financial liability for the Irish Red Cross. Until they are permanently removed from their positions Irish Red Cross’s credibility and reputation remains in grave danger.

The Minister clearly stated in Dail Eireann on 29th June 2011 that he is opposed to any board member serving in the same position for more than 6 years and in a leadership role for a cumulative period of more than 12 years. Mr. Tony Lawlor has served as Vice Chairman of the Irish Red Cross for 21 years. This is 350% longer or 15 years more than the Minister considers best practice. The Irish Red Cross is inflicting untold damage on itself by choosing to ignore best corporate governance practice and specifially ignoring the wishes of the Minister whose Department’s funding is central to the Society’s survival.

Both the Society’s Vice Chairman, Tony Lawlor and its Treasurer, Ted Noonan, are specifically referred to by the Sunday Times just as they were in the Dail debate on 29th June.

The full Sunday Times (3rd July 2011) article is transcribed below:

Sunday Times

By: Harry Leech

Shatter criticises Red Cross board ahead of Review

Alan Shatter, the justice minister, has criticised the Irish Red Cross (IRC) for allowing members to serve too long on its executive board, and for failing to publish annual reports for 2009 and 2010.

The minister told the Dail on Wednesday that he has written to the organisation’s secretary-general seeking clarification of a number of issues. He said “a comprehensive review” of all legislation relating to the IRC is under way. Shatter was responding to questions by Labour’s Aodhán O Riodáin, who called for the charity’s grant to be withheld pending an independent investigation.

Last year The Sunday Times revealed that €162,000 donated to the society for Asian tsunami victims sat untouched in a Tipperary bank account for more than three years. An internal report said a systems failure meant headquarters were not notified about the money.

The minister revealed he wrote to the IRC on May 16 to express his belief that “as a matter of principle I regard it as unhealthy for any organisation to have individuals serving at leadership level in excess of 12 years in total and in any one position for longer than six years”.

Tony Lawlor was re-elected as honorary vice-chairman for the 21st year running just 12 days after Shatter expressed his concerns. Ted Noonan, the society’s honorary treasurer, was re-elected for the 10th year in a row.

A spokesman for the society said that “the IRC acknowledges the problems of the past and the manner in which poor governance and weak financial controls have contributed to these issues”, and that comprehensive reform has been initiated, including the introduction of mandatory break clauses for executive board members.

It has also emerged that up to €7m worth of properties either owned or given for use by the IRC are not properly entered in the society’s financial statements, which is at variance with recommended accounting practice for charities. In a draft copy of the 2010 accounts, auditors state that “the society owns a number of properties whose cost is not reflected in the book value of fixed assets....the insured value of these properties is approximately €7m. No professional valuation on an open-market existing-use basis has been undertaken”.

The IRC spokesman said that “there is a significant body of work needed to establish the precise value attached to properties that are subject to complex and historic legal arrangements” but the process should be completed within a year”.

The IRC received €960,000 in grant aid from the state for 2011, as well as the use of a state property at 16 Merrion Square as its headquarters. While the government’s own aid organisation, Irish Aid, had its grant cut by 8% in 2008, the IRC’s grant has remained unchanged since 2006.

Shatter said that as a beneficiary of state funding the society needs to “ensure its corporate governance standards meet what would be regarded as acceptable for an organisation of its calibre”.

Jimmy Deenihan, A Fine Gael TD, told the Dail last year that “in an international rating of Red Cross societies across the world, the IRC was given a mark of four, with one being the best and five the worst”.


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    While it is very true all the members on the ground do tremendous work unfortunately they are not doing the work that is really needed. We can all cry and write on the blog about the failings of the Society nationally but we must stand up and be counted. There is pretty much no point in crying about all the problems unless you become part of the solution.

    We all know what has gone on, what is going on and most important who is responsible for what, But we need to ask ourselves one question "What am I doing about it?" It is long past time where members get busy at all levels to force change into this organisation before there is not one left. At the last CUC elections only 2 areas stood up and made change, why? Cork Area put in votes of no confidence and have we got a result? Start at unit level and branch level and look at how long your officers are in place. It is time to demand change at this level in order to persue change at national level. It is essential for Branches and Areas to step up and use their powers to remove these people from national level, you have the powers but you are not using them, Why? Why? Why?

    Are people actually afraid to stand up and be counted in a voluntary organisation? We all have a voice but now is the time to put them together and act for what we know is right. Remember the inner circle is allowed to act this way because members put them there, but as easy as it was voting them in if people stand together it is just as easy to get them out. The whole lot is a small club of the old school boys who look after their own and this has to stop. So the work for the members is clear but will they do it like the 2 Areas who did make change and boy are they so much better off.

  2. Mr Blogger. Can all your Facts stated above be proven. It's very interesting stuff. But is itfact or All made up. Interested in hearing back from you. Also you have my Email. Drop me a line.

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Dear Anonymous commentor also going by the name of honest truth,

    As you are anonymous the Blog has no idea who you are or what your contact details are.

    I am sure you are fully aware by now that the Irish Red Cross itself has admitted on public record that he has poor governance and weak financial controls and that both require major corrective action. Minister Shatter recently reprimanded the Society for its weaknesses and requested it expedite reforms as a matter of urgency. To-date those responsible for these problems have not been held to account. The Blog remains hopeful that in time they will.


  4. Shatter is aptly named! He will force change. But Ireland is sicker than just the IRC! Whom do the members in place actually represent? Themselves and their cronies, which is why churn is so important. Breaking the linkages enforces the checks and balances that exist in law but are stifled by cronies.

    Questions: where do these cronies meet up? Were they cronies before they joined the IRC? Who decides who should go forward? Who runs Ireland?

  5. Anonymous11:48 PM

    To all those interested:

    I have brought to the attention of the Irish Red Cross on many occasions my concerns regarding irregularities in 'FINANCES', going back two and more decades. At one point to try to quieten my protests the National Treasurer threatened me with court action, with the approval of Management. Needless to say he wound his neck back in and no action was taken.

    There is more than enough evidence to sink this ship, but no one wants to act and the Executive members need to protect their kingdom and to this end will do anything to members who question their acts. (Walsh v Red Cross)

    The Red Cross is a great organisation. The problem is cronyism and nepotism.

    In February of this year I was expelled from a meeting of the Red Cross with no reason given other than the rules say you must go. (No rules quoted). ….Despite constant requests from me since to the Red Cross, to justify this breach of the 1939 act. They have failed to provide me with evidence to support this action. Other than a verbal account to me that I was in breach of rule 32, this information was said to have come from the Vice Chairman Tony Lawlor. This yet again, as in the Walsh case is a made up excuse to expel a member.

    My proof once again that they have been found wanting.

    If you can hide money and do a “Father Ted” as an excuse is there really hope?

    “It was resting in my account”.

    Gerard Moyne
    Life Member Irish Red Cross

  6. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Keep up the work "Moyne" there are members who really do despise what Lawlor, Noonan, Callan, Horwell and Murphy et al are doing.

    They only think they will last forever, but this is one member who will defininely be behind you, so don't give up the battle its worth winning for the Red Cross.
    I am really looking forward to the Court case Wardick v Red Cross. Then we will see and hear some real home truths.

  7. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Here is the latest laugh for us all

    Dear >>>>>>>

    At the end of this week and early next week a special mailing will be hitting the doorsteps of all Irish Red Cross donors. You will receive a copy yourself, but I wanted to write to you myself directly to give you special notice because of your unique role and responsibility in your local Red Cross area.
    The mailing is part of a wider campaign aimed at starting to change the negative perception of the Irish Red Cross that is out there after the bad publicity last year. It comprises of a mailing to all donors, with a dedicated website and personal landing page for each of them, and a feedback booklet on the difference their donations have made over the last few years.
    The cover letter in the mailing is from the Secretary General and acknowledges past mistakes of the Society. In particular we are addressing the Tipperary bank account, which from my own personal experience is the main thing that seems to have stuck in the public awareness. A taxi driver, my plumber, a family friend and a family member have all jokingly teased me (unprompted!) about having money ‘lying around a bank account somewhere’ in the last six months (if only!). In general donors are angry and upset about it, and during the Japan Tsunami Appeal we had direct feedback from donors that they were by-passing the Irish Red Cross and giving directly to the Japanese Red Cross because they didn’t trust their money would get there if they gave through us.
    As long as this idea is out there it will be very difficult for us to raise money, either locally or nationally, so I decided we had to address the issue head on. The approach is a combination of acknowledging what went wrong, with highlighting all the amazing work the Society does do and has achieved in order to contextualise it.
    The mailing will be backed up with various documents published on our website. For example, I have written a Q&A in response to issues and criticisms raised in the media, online and by members. I have been working on responses to the various criticisms over the last few months – the issues are complex and nuanced so it has taken me time to do so – and it is a live document – so we can amend it and add to it as we go. The general tone and policy is to acknowledge when something fair is being said, yet point to all the work that has and is being done to change outdated practices or structures of the Society. No doubt it won’t please everyone, but I have done my best.

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    laugh contd.

    The key thing I wanted to write to you about today is one component of the mailing. We are offering our donors a ‘Money back guarantee’. If they are unhappy with how we use their money within 6 months of making their donation, they can write to us and we will give their money back. This will apply both locally at branch level, as well as nationally. The procedure is that they must write to the Secretary General, and I will respond to them on his behalf and try to change their mind. If this is not possible, the money will have to be refunded, either from Head Office if it was a national appeal, or from local branch funds if it was fundraised for local activities.
    The ‘Money-back guarantee’ is a very powerful promise and will make a big difference to donors. No other charity in Ireland has done it, and it will place us in first place in terms of accountability, directly undermining the negative perception.
    Yet I recognise that you, like me, will be nervous of such a promise. There are a few of things to bear in mind by way of reassurance:
    •It is very unlikely that many donors will take up the offer. It has been done once before (in the UK) by a charity called Habitat for Humanity. They didn’t have to make a single refund. •Donors will have to ask which gives us the opportunity to turn around negative perceptions. •It has to be within the last six months – which limits it to donations from February 14 2011 onwards. •The donations obviously can’t be anonymous, as that would lay us open to fraud, so street cash collections won’t be covered. But most of all it simply is the right thing to do. If people aren’t happy with how we use their money, how could we hold on to it? Perhaps they weren’t Red Cross supporters in the first place. We have nothing to hide or be ashamed of and this guarantee embodies that. I’m personally very proud of all that we have achieved with donors money and the feedback booklet and interactive website will showcase just some of what donor money has made possible. I think this will help contextualise some of the bad press we have suffered.
    Please do drop me a line if you have any questions.

  9. Anonymous2:09 PM

    This blog makes me sick, the tainted minds of the people who post on it is typical of why the red cross is in the position it's in today. Reading back over the previous blogs we have now gone down a road of repetition and personal attacks, WHY???
    I'll tell you why, nobody is listening to this rubbish so to keep ourselves in the spotlight we keep covering old ground. I appeal to the minister to meet with the current and by majority new management of the IRC, go and interview former board members and realize that what your reading here is utter TRIPE. Minister take my advice and you will be totally shocked at the REAL TRUTH. You will also see the hurt and damage this blog has caused not only the members named here but also every other member of staff and volunteer of the IRC. Then Minister Shatter, when you have done all that, send out a circular to every registered member of the IRC asking how many of them think that the people fueling this blog should be returned to their former posts, I think you will find another surprise will await you there.

  10. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I look forward to the above respondent dealing fully with my eviction from a meeting in Donegal and the subsequent letter which was purported to come from the Vice Chairman Tony Lawlor justifying this act by quoting Rule 32.
    I have written to the Secretary General, but he has declined to date to allow me sight of this letter.
    Will the respondent above justify the removal of a vast amount of money from the Haiti Appeal now presumably resting in an account somewhere? The sum quoted in the Blog is 600k.
    Will the respondent above deal with the sacking of Noel Wardick? Or the refusal to distribute to the Central Council a letter sent to the Society by the Minister of Defenceon the 16th May. Or the letter hand delivered by Mary Cullivan a former member of staff still unseen by the Central Council.

    Deal with these issues and ask for Mr Lawlors, Mr Noonans and others resignation and then and only then will the Society be able to breath a sigh of relief. Finally answer why I as a life memebr only was allowed to see the Governance proposals after they were agreed to by the Central Council.

    Gerard Moyne
    Life Member Irish Red Cross

  11. Anonymous11:26 AM

    How can you acknowledge the hiding by Tony Lawlor of 162k by telling me how great you all are! What type of organisation allows a member to hide money and then justify it by saying he got caught, but look at the great work we do.

    No one has answered the most important question, what was he going to do with the money if he had not got caught? You then promoted him once again by way of punishment.

    You must think Donors are a just waiting around to allow you to manage their money Sorry this is one donor who will not be allowing you to use a single cent.

  12. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Sir why are you using the Blog?

    If you have something to say to Red Cross members and Donors. Invite them to an open forum meeting and see how you get on with that.

    It appears from past comments on this Blog that posters on facebook were quickly removed to insure censorship.

    x Donor and Member

  13. Anonymous11:39 AM

    The Amazing thing Ronan is you probably beleive all your own Rhetoric. Don't loose to much sleep over this. The Red Cross is finished, move on with your life. There are better things to do.

  14. Anonymous2:42 PM

    To the poster who starts with "This blog makes me sick.." what planet are you living on to think that there is no truth to this blog. These issues have been going on for 20+ years (see RTE/High Court/every newspaper in the country). This stuff can not be made up, if it could Noel Wardick would be Ireland's answer to Dan Brown.

  15. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Every central council rep had a copy of the governance proposals, the presentation was also on the IRC website. Mr Moyne, are you not a delegate to your area committee? If not, go back and ask your branch why you are not a delegate. Why are you not the Area Central Council Rep. The position of delegate to the area committee and the position of area rep to central council are both positions voted at local level. Or do you blame the national officers for this also?
    I would like to know the answer to those questions.
    Blogger, can you answer the following question for me,
    I posted my comment above last night, some 24 hours later it became visible here, my question is how come Mr Moynes response to my comment appeared so fast. Surely if there is a time delay Mr Moynes response should not appear until Monday night, or is there preferential treatment been given to certain comments

  16. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Correction, Ted Noonan has only begun his third year as National Treasurer not his tenth year as this blog is willing to allow the nation believe. I wonder if we check the rest of the information been given out by this blog how much of that would turn out to be false also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous11:40 PM

    As for giving money back to Donors, this is not a new adventure for the Irish Red Cross.
    I believe a Donor recently demanded a 500 euro Donation back, and got it because the Irish Red Cross could not guarantee certain good Governance conditions.

    I think it is inconceivable to think that the Red Cross actually is going down the road "If your not Happy get your money back", but only after you have talked to the Secretary General.

    As for the damage to members and Staff , well isn't it interesting that you think of yourself and not the Red Cross movement ! Look at the damge you have allowed to happen by remaining quiet. No one likes their laundry done in public, but the sad thing is the Irish Red Cross way of dealing with their laundry is put it in the bin.

  18. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Ted Noonan has been on the Executive Committee for 10 years and as far as I can read the blog articles never said he was treasurer for 10 years. It always referred to his time on the Executive Committee which IS 10 years.

    The Irish Red Cross has admitted serious flaws in its governance and financial controls. The blog has highlighted these same governance flaws and weak financial controls. After many denials and much reluctance the Irish Red Cross has basically confirmed the blog is correct.

    Despite the damaging article in the Sunday Independent of 17th July 2011, once again pointing out the flaws of Irish Red Cross, at least Mr. Forde has forced Irish Red Cross to face up to reality and admit the errors of its ways. Fair play to him for that. Until those responsible are removed though nothing will change and calls for change will continue. Look at the damage to the Church for trying to conceal the truth and its failure to hold those responsible to account. The same principle applies to the Irish Red Cross and reputational damage is being done to the Irish Red Cross because no action is being taken against certain individuals

  19. Anonymous12:51 AM

    To the person complaining his/her comment was not posted or visible quick enough:

    You must spend an awful lot of your time checking this blog so for someone who doesnt believe anything written on it you seem pretty obsessed with reading it all the time!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Dear person who asked about me not being on CC. Well, I was at one stage on the Overseas Committee and on finding huge financial irregularities and minute rigging I immediately with others brought the matter to the attention of the Executive. Their answer was to stand the Committee down pending an investigation. (it did not happen) James Walsh brought this matter also to the attention of the Executive and CC. He was expelled for his troubles and 130k later the Red Cross admitted they held money for years in accounts. The IRC ws found guilty also by the Supreme Court. (you couldn't make this up)

    Following this the Honorary Treasurer sent me a kind offer to sue me. The problem was that I was correct and looked forward to the chance to expose my information to the courts. It did not happen.

    In 2002 I helped Prof . T Duffy organise a conference on IHL in Buswells Hotel in Dublin. The Irish Red Cross declined to attend.

    This was one of two Conferences I organised. The second one was in UCD when the Red Cross abandoned the International speakers from the ICRC and Henry Dunant Inst. and IFRC. If it was not for me taking them to dinner and taking them to the Airport, I am sure they would certainly have cause for anger at the IRC. So yes, I do my bit. You don’t have to wear a RC uniform to be an active RC member..

    The meeting in Buswells was chaired by Senator Joe Costello.

    Speakers were:

    Judge Donal Barrington, President, Irish Human Rights Commision
    Mr Ciaran O’ Maolain, Official, Northern Ireland Human Rights Asociation
    Hon. Caroline Rovaud, Deputy, Office of the Council of Europe Commisioner for Human Rights Strasbourg
    Mr Henry O Connor, Head of Information Services, European Commision, Representative Office in Ireland
    Ms Pia Perutz, Senior Protection Officer, UNHCR Protection Division
    Mr Bobin De Baere, International Committee of the Red Cross
    Mr Ali Hamani, Palestine General Delegate to Ireland
    Prof. Mab Huang, Soochow University, Taiwan
    Mr Tom Hyland, Ireland- East Timor Association
    Terence Mc Gaghey, Ireland South Africa Association
    Anne Marlborough, Amnesty International

    Gerard Moyne
    Irish Red Cross Life Member

  21. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Typically there are some posters who are attempting to lower the content and purpose of this blog. It is necessary to have all voices heard. It is important to recognise that some posters evidently have no interest in the reorganisation of a Red Cross to be proud of but rather have an interest in maintaining the statud quo.
    The blog has an important role to play in continuing to lift the lid on the irregularities and poor practices of IRC which threaten the integrity of the whole Red Cross / Crescent Movement.

  22. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Did I read it right on the piece above ? the Red Cross intend to hold donors money for six months and if they want it back they can then get it. But only if they talk to the Secretary General first. Now lets just say the Government stop the financing of the Society and all the money intended for Appeals is actually given to those whom it is intended for. What happens then does the Red Cross go out begging for money to pay the donors back. Will this also apply to the Governement who is the single largest Donor. All very well thought out NOT !

  23. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Is it any wonder most NGO's are avoiding the Red Cross with a brainwave like those stated above.

  24. Dear Blog,

    Its looking like People & Members are starting to fight back against some of your Posting, Are you & Moyne running short of False Info, or Lies, Or Facts, Who knows you have never shown us hard Facts, anyone can post false info on this Blog,

    Whats the odds this Comment wont be posted,

  25. Anonymous2:54 PM

    This blog is a crusaders mission to shut down the IRC. All the staff & members should fight back on this forum and wipe out this nasty piece of work. Well done to the commenter who said this blog makes them sick, a lot of us feel that way too. To Gerard Moyne, you were asked why your not the current rep not what you have done in the past. There are many of us who could write a book about the work we have done for the IRC but we're not in it for the glory!!!
    Minister, I too appeal to you to speak to the members and then go into the Dail and speak for the members. But I'm sure been the educated man you are you will realize that you will be next on the hit list. Look at the history of the blog with secretary generals and previous Ministers, when things are not going the blogs way they turn on them.
    MEMBERS ask questions, you will get honest answers. But not the blogs version, the real truth.

  26. Anonymous4:52 PM

    To the person who said one donor asked for their €500 donation back in the past. Tell the general public what the condition was on that donation. I know what it was, not exactly something to be proud of. These people make me sick!!!

  27. Anonymous11:44 PM

    The article in the Sunday Indo confirmed one thing, that is the Irish Red Cross Executive are determined to maintain the same old status quo. I initially thought Donal Forde might with his background have what it takes to address the issues that blight the Irish Red Cross. But he will not be allowed to change the place. Can you imagine what would happen if he told Lawlor he had to go, along with Noonan. His P45 would be issued immediately! The great thing for the inner circle about Mr Forde is that he is now a distraction from the real offenders ! The Government may panic that tax payers money is being used to pay the salary of a former senior banker at AIB especially if more media articles focus on this. Irish people would not be jumping for joy to know their taxes are being used to pay a former banker's salary. That would keep the heat off the inner circle and they wont be sad about that. Lets hope Donal Forde doesnt become the issue because that will only keep the same old crew in power. The very same thing happened to Martin Good, a former Irish Red Cross Secretary General, a few pictures and a few media articles and he was out the door. Please watch your back Donal, like all your predecessors you will be the target at the end of the board room table in time. Dont allow yourself get distracted taking phone calls from Donors looking for their money back !

  28. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Dear Honest Truth.,

    Whilst genuinely glad that you are reading this Blog, perhaps you might honour me with perhaps a microbe of support for your opinion that I have supplied to this forum a false fact or lie or false Allegation. It’s easy to call someone a liar. The difficult part is coming up with the proof in defence of you allegation.

    If this Blog was not available, what other avenue would be open to you to ridicule me, isn't this a brilliant opportunity for both you and me. I know my ‘Truth’, perhaps yours is a different one, perhaps we might share these so that I might learn from yours. As for self glory, I don’t see my name on a single trophy nor will you, ever.
    To the person who knows why Mary Cullivan, who is a past honourable member of staff was sent her cheque back for €500 perhaps you might detail why this makes you sick.

    Pershaps you might also do me the favour of identifying yourself, it's also easy to be anonymous. I have no problem standing firm to my convictions and trusting in the truth, where do you stand?
    The Minister of Defence already knows the truth about the Irish Red Cross it was given to him firmly when they decided to ignore his letter of the 16th of May when he asked that the current members of the Executive not be re appointed. Perhaps this is a lie also ;).

    Many thanks

    Gerard Moyne
    Life Member Irish Red Cross

  29. Anonymous1:45 AM

    The person who demanded their money back requested that the Irish Red Cross be reformed, that donor money be properly spent and that the Society develop a culture of integrity, fairness and honesty at the top. This didnt happen and the donor requested the donation be returned which it was.

    Irish Red Cross staff and members have fought back for 20 years and fought against the incompetence and negligence of the Society's leadership. They will continue to fight back until such time as those responsible are removed. A number have departed the scene since the heat was turned on them and this is real progress but the core remain and until they are replaced no amount of spin and new policies will change anything. Leopards never change their spots. When these people are removed then and only then will the credibility of the Society have any chance of recovering.

    Any person with even one brain cell can see that this Blog is wholly committed to the Irish Red Cross and its welfare. It is because of that commitment to honesty and integrity and a desire to see the Irish Red Cross do well and grow into a dynamic organisation that it exists. It is because there are a number of people out there who refuse to allow the Irish Red Cross be dominated and ruined by a few individuals that the campaign for refom will never end. Those who wish to see the blog closed down or those who accuse it of telling lies do so, like a number of leaders of the Cathloic Church in Ireland, to save their own necks and protect their little empires. These people are disgraced and everyone knows it. Even the Irish Red Cross Head of Fundraising admitted in his memo to all members that taxi drivers and plumbers have said to him Irish Red Cross keeps money lying around in bank accounts. The Tipperary bank account has done untold damage to the Society but the person responsible was re-appointed for the 21st year in a row. Ah yes a mirror image of the Church and their arrogance and unsatiable egos. The only people they are fooling is themselves.

  30. Anonymous9:29 AM

    When one thinks of the members in Donegal there appears to be only one man with any integrity. For years they have been told over and over again and despite all this knowledge they chose to do what the Catholic Church for example does best. Bury their heads in the sand and hope no one finds out.
    I know Mr Moyne to be a fine truthful person, having only the best interest of the Red Cross at heart. For as long as I have known him he has fought for the best interests of the Red Cross and all the staff in Head Office. Staff however, come and go, as for the older ones they should know better than put up with this bull from Lawlor, Murphy and co.

    Forde didn’t do so well with a multi billion euro bank, how could he possibly control an out of control National Society. Well done Noel, every time the Red Cross open their mouths now it is a further admission that you were 100% correct.

  31. Anonymous2:22 PM

    "When one thinks of the members in Donegal there appears to be only one man with any integrity...."



    I suspect there are many people in the Red Cross in Donegal - people of integrity, people of good moral fortitude, who would be deeply deeply offended by your remark.

    Do you know them all?

    Have you experienced all of them in their day to day work for the Red Cross?

    Only when you can answer "Yes" to this can you make such a statement !

  32. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Well, I was going to post a long and detailed analysis of the comments above but why bother.

    Those who support the blog are of their view

    Those who are frustrated with the blog are of their view.

    Me, I'm just going to get on with actually working as a Red Cross Member - change is happening, perhaps not just at the pace some wish, but happening all the same. Like any process, it has to be managed or chaos will be the end result.

    I do find some of the posts from time to time very funny - but only because I can see certain posters are not fully aware of all the details either the actual working of the Red Cross, or of some of the personalities involved on both sides of the argument.

    Of course, like any coin, the flip side is that some posters are very well informed and this is very obvious from their posts.

    There is always a certain amount of grandstanding and beating of chests - but I can be guilty of that myself !

    Anyway, off to bed now !

  33. Anonymous2:51 PM

    "....Easy to look at the Regions who are mainly empowering them, they put them back in. Well done Northern, Southern, and god bless all in Co. Tip...."

    Areas nominate to Central Council - not Regions !

    Areas are usually (but not always) based on county boundaries (or an amalgam of counties if membership numbers are low)

  34. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Forde admits on you tube that Noel Wardick was 100% right. So will the Irish Red Cross now admit they were 100% wrong in sacking Noel Wardick.

    He says they are going to change .BULL ! Get rid of the main problem LAWLOR ! If he did nothing wrong hiding the money who took the €1100 out of the account and then put it back in again once the Tsunami account was found by the secret audit.

    The Irish Red Cross General fund increased by 600k during the Haiti Appeal. Mr Forde suggests that every cent will be spent properly then give the people of Haiti the money that is due or better still hold an independent inquiry into Society accounts during this period.

    Facts are facts! The Irish Red Cross used the opportunity of the Haiti Appeal to swell their own General fund, if this is not a fact then all you have to do is open up the books to scrutiny and re: employ Noel Wardick !

    Of course we will hear all of this no doubt at Mr Wardicks hearing!

  35. Anonymous1:56 AM

    If a person like Mr Moyne has brought financial irregularities to the attention of his Area Committee for over 20 years and the representatives on that area committee failed to investigate these allegations in any way then what would a person call this?

    If as Mr Moyne said that the National Treasurer threatened him with legal action and Mr Moyne was found to be accurate in his allegations of minute rigging and retention of overseas funds, what would a person call this?

    If Noel Wardick was 100% right with his allegations, what would a person call this?

    Why did the Area Chairperson throw Mr Moyne out of a meeting if there was nothing to fear from him? Why would the Area Chairperson and National Secretary refuse to give Mr Moyne a copy of the letter which it appears may have come from the Vice Chairperson, it has been suggested that this letter stated the rules which justified the action by the Area Chairperson.

    I am a wee bit lost here, is this really a Humanitarian Society that would ask a member to get out? If they failed to act they simply “FAILED”, and that is why they have no integrity like it or lump it.

    If you think that by your silence you are a good person, tell that to the victims of the Caretaker in West Donegal, lots of people stood back in silence, what have they to say today about being good. The Red Cross Area Committee in Dnegal have remained silent as have the members and they need to ask themselves why?

  36. Anonymous12:23 PM

    If the Bankers in this Country had been in the US most of them would be in Wheatfield prison as members of the Red Cross.

  37. How Come My Moyne never talks about his own mistakes where the Red Cross had to come to his Rescue and fix his Mistakes.

    He would rather go on about everyone else,

    you should be ashamed to call yourself a Life Member, Shocking


  38. Anonymous12:48 AM

    21 July 2011

    To the above commenter T.H.T.

    You once again wish to remain anonymous whilst recounting this terrible incident where I was at one time rescued by the Red Cross.

    Would this be a Sea Rescue? Or perhaps a Land rescue? Or indeed and Air Rescue?

    None of which I remember.

    Perhaps it was a Financial rescue, sorry don’t remember having a hidden Bank Account either.

    Now you have my full attention. I don't believe I have had the pleasure in 37 years of being rescued by anyone in the Irish Red Cross. So certainly I would be really delighted if you would detail this incident so that I might formally thank the rescuer personally.

    I should be ashamed? CAREFUL what you wish for. As for shocking well, when it comes to the Irish Red Cross what could be Shocking!
    Do you have something in mind that we might both attend the Gardai with I certainly would welcome the opportunity to right this terrible wrong which appears to have caused you great concern.

    Don’t throw out innuendo without proof or willingness to get off your own butt!

    Let’s just say you probably have nothing more to say and leave it at that!

    If you have really have something to say to me do please give me the courtesy of letting me know who you are, or indeed call me and we can discuss your concerns, other that that there is really nothing more can I add or is there?

    Gerard Moyne
    Life Member Irish Red Cross

  39. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Mr Moyne has the high ground. NO ONE has a right to tarnish his name with false unsubstanciated statements. The name you have is the name that you carry to your grave and should be worn with pride. Character assassination is cheap and cowardly.