Sunday, September 12, 2010

€1 million in donations to Irish Red Cross sat for years in bank, according to The Irish Mail on Sunday (September 12th 2010)

Extracts (in bold) from article in The Irish Mail on Sunday, 12th September 2010 (page 16), written by Valarie Hanley:

‘More than €1m donated to the Irish Red Cross remained untouched for years in bank accounts, the Irish Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Not all of the interest earned in these bank accounts holding these funds was passed on to the needy. Instead, critics say it was used to cover administration costs, even though the charity is heavily subsidised by Government grants.

Until now, it was believed that there had only been one case of monies remaining untouched in a bank account. This is the controversial account opened in Tipperary for the victims of the Asian tsunami, which holds €162,000. But now it has emerged that this practice has been going for the past 20 years.

Financial returns seen by the Mail on Sunday show that €1m was held in nine Irish Red Cross bank accounts in December 1990. There was so much money left untouched in these accounts that between January and December 1990 that the Irish Red Cross earned €29,558 in interest.

Gerry Moyne, an ex-Red Cross Donegal county secretary, said:”I have expressed huge concern over the retention of appeals money by the society over the past 20 years”.

The Irish Red Cross at first tried to dismiss the tsunami account as an ‘administrative error’.’

In addition to the above article the Sunday Times (12th September 2010, Page 7) also carried an article on the Irish Red Cross. Written by Mark Tighe, it opens with ‘The Minister for Defence has appointed a former secretary general of his department as chairman of the Irish Red Cross (IRC) to stem controversy surrounding the charity’.

Tighe went on to write ‘The IRC has been accused of improper practices by a former board member and current senior manager. This year the Sunday Times revealed that Tony Lawlor, IRC acting chairman, had been criticised internally for his role in maintaining an undeclared bank account in Tipperary which held €162,000 in donations for victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami. The account was discovered in 2008 in an audit.......The charity last week said it will appoint an “independent” accountant to examine the Tipperary account. A charity spokesperson said terms of reference for the investigation would be agreed with accountants before O’ Callaghan (the new Chairman) takes up his position as chairman.’ This would seem an unusual and odd development but despite the new Chairman having no input into the investigation terms of reference it can only be hoped that the investigators formally report to him and to him alone. It can also only be hoped that the new Chairman will instruct the investigators to interview all appropriate current and former staff and board members as otherwise key information will not be available to the investigators. Later in the article Tighe wrote ‘The IRC has been criticised in a blog by Noel Wardick, its head of international development, for wasting money and questionable management practices.....Declan O’Sullivan (acting Secretary General) was brought into the society as a financial consultant and paid €160,000 for that work in 2008 and 2009. Wardick is suspended on full pay while the charity carries out a disciplinary investigation.’

Towards the end of his article Tighe stated ‘It (IRC) was not represented at an Irish Aid-hosted meeting of charities working on the Pakistan flood crisis.’


  1. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Well well well it looks like the Tipperary bank account is only the 'tipp' of the iceberg!!

    One million euro sitting unused in bank accounts! How much more damaging information is to be discovered about the Irish Red Cross?? Whoever is doing the digging should be thanked and encouraged to keep digging as they are doing a great service for the Irish public and in the long run the Irish Red Cross.

    Let us hope the new Chairperson agrees to an Independent Investigation, as per calls from Fine Gael's Jimmy Deenihan on Prime Time and others. The new Chairperson should be very careful not to make the same serious and damaging mistakes like recent Irish Red Cross 'spokespersons' in trying to defend the indefenceable. His credibility and reputation are dependent on him investigating properly this sordid mess. Hope he is wise enough not to fall into the same trap as others have by trying to defend things that have no defence

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Well it is about time someone has uncovered the secret closet and all the goes on in it within the IRC. We now see a new Chairperson appointed to takeover this "black hole of hidden agendas" and i wish him every success but WHEN are we going to get rid of the so called board which have allowed the Society to fall to such a shameful reputation??

  3. Anonymous6:23 AM

    As the previous commentator says its a 'black hole' of things to discover.

    I saw a comment where a poster said 'keep digging'. This is good advice. Use a very big shovel! Better still the digger will need a JCB and a very big skip.

    Now board members should ask 'where are all head office staff gone and why are they all leaving so suddenly, either for good or on 'extended' sick leave'????'. Word is the fundraising department, communications department and overseas department have seen lots of staff leave since august. How many? Keep digging. Rumour is at least two staff are on long term paid 'sick' leave, read stress leave. Rumours about staff resignations are that four staff have left since August, one from the fundraising department and three from the overseas department. If this is true then it means four staff have left the overseas department if Noel Wardick's suspension is included. The story is they only have six staff in total so four gone is very bad news.

    Above is all rumours but those digging should check to see if these 'stories' are correct and ask why and why and why. Then take action so this can all end. Everyone knows the solution.

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    As a new volunteer with the red cross i must say i am disgusted and ashamed to be part of this organisation. I have seen many long term members with ego's and power trips who are in it for themselves and no one else.

  5. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Its time to call a spade a spade. Noel your an Embassador to the Irish Red Cross, yourself and all you represent.

    Let's face it guys for many years we all know something that is going on in the IRC that is not right but dare not speak up as the "higher arkey" would make life a living hell. I myself wish i had Noel's courage to fight againist them.

    This poisonous and damaging ethos that has lead to the organisations reputation being ruined has been going on for years and has been moulded into a structure that the choosen few appear untouchable. From Unit level all the way to the top people are choosen for one main reason, not because they may be the best qualified or most deserving of the job, no because they are yes men and will not go againist the word of the "GODS"

    How many of you as members have been treated in a way that you did not deserve? How many of you missed opportunities that you did deserve? How many of you know what i am saying is the way it is and like myself did not speak out? It is time we all made our feelings clear and row in as a team behind Noel and get the decay out of our Organisation before there is nothing to save.

    It does not matter what programme highlights the issues as we already know them and much more and who is responsible for them. Let me remind you all that we do have a voice and let us now use it, don't forget we appoint many of these bodies to our Executive and Central councils, let us stand and be counted and put the people who deserve their chance and who will work to represent the priciples of the IRC and the Volunteers on the ground in the way they deserve.

    Even our Government can mess up but we know that at the end of their term we can vote them out and put in a new one. So is it not long overdue that we vote out the "overtermed" Committees who are misrepresenting our efforts on the ground and put in fresh hard working people who deserve to shine.

    Let us stand and be counted before all that is left to count is the number of hard working honest volunteers and staff we will loose in the future and their efforts are worth more than any amount of money found in hidden bank accounts.

    Again i say to you Noel, your efforts are a true representation of what i believe that principles of the IRC stand for and may you return to our organisation as soon as possible as we need men and women like to to take the organisation and steer it back to represent and help those who need our help and support both at home and overseas.

    Best of luck in the future Noel.

  6. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Here here on the above comment.

    Please read the next two comments together:

    Part One:

    Another issue that needs investigating is the number of properties that the Irish Red Cross has been given by people in their wills. The exact number remains a secret and is not disclosed in the Irish Red Cross audited accounts but there are enough clues from the auditors to warrant an investigation. Here is what the Irish Red Cross audited accounts 2009 say:

    "Properties given for use by and now owned by the Society are not currently recognised in the Society's financial statements. This is at variance with Statement of Recommended Practice 'Accounting by Charities' which requires that assets given for use by the charity should be included as income when received and an equivalent amount capitalised on the Balance Sheet".

    The 2008 audited accounts contained the exact same statement so why has nothing been done to correct such practices which are, according to Irish Red Cross auditors BDO, at variance with what is supposed to be done? People need to be held accountable for this.

    The 2009 audited accounts also state:

    "The Society owns a number of properties whose cost is not reflected in the book value of fixed assets. It is believed that these properties were given for use by the Society over a period of past years. The insured value of these properties is approximately €7 million. No professional valuation on an open market existing use basis has been undertaken. The Society is currently examining the best way to incorporate these assets in the Society's Financial Statements in the future".

    The above statement also appeared exactly the same in the 2008 audited accounts. Nothing was done in 2008 and then nothing was done again in 2009 to correct this. Serious questions must be asked why properties insured for a value of €7 million are not recorded properly or accounted for properly in Irish Red Cross financial statements and accounts. Who made the decision and continues to make the decision to keep these properties of the books and WHY WHY WHY??? There was a very good blog article months back on this important issue which I have reread.

  7. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Part 2

    If one is to assume that the average house price in Dublin is around €300,000 and if Irish Red Cross has insurance on properties for €7 million then one could estimate that the Irish Red Cross could own somewhere in the region of 21 properties!!!! Irish Red Cross may possibly own up to 21 houses none of which are recorded in its annual accounts or on its books!!!! Where are these properties???? Are they houses, offices, other buildings??? If Irish Red Cross owns these properties then who is living in these properties if they are houses?? If they are office buildings then who is occupying them? Are the people/businesses in these properties paying rent to Irish Red Cross??? Are these properties being rented out to people/businesses?? Why is there no rental income appearing in Irish Red Cross accounts? Where is the rent going if there is rent being charged??? Who is in charge of these many properties?? The Executive Committee?? Individual Board Members?? Senior staff??? Who looks after them? Who maintains them??? Why have Executive Committee and Central Council members not demanded a list of these properties, what type they are, where they are, what are they being used for, are people living in them, running businesses from them??? Why are these properties not being used to generate massive amounts of income for the Irish Red Cross on a monthly basis?? Why werent some of them sold during the property boom and the money invested in long term safe fixed income investments???

    Members, staff and volunteers need answers to these questions as the Irish Red Cross 'property' situation looks very murky.

    The properties in question do not involve 16 Merrion Square as this is not owned by Irish Red Cross. 16 Merrion Square is owned by the Irish Government and rented freely to the Irish Red Cross. So the value of €7 million on Irish Red Cross houses/properties cannot include 16 Merrion Square.

    Executive Committee members: please you must take action, real action because there are too many questions, serious questions, that remain unanswered. It is your moral and legal responsibility as board members to address these issues. You cannot sit back and do nothing.

  8. Anonymous11:12 AM

    The wages of a former civil servant was a highlight in the news today and eyebrows were raised. The Red Cross could teach the Government a few lessons on how to screw the saps on the street ie. donors as well as shafting the state what do we get for the million + we give these guys a year. What use are they to this Nation a right bunch of crooks ! Where is the guy from Tipperary who created this recent mess why was he not on prime time. Ms Callan was shown for what she has always been. Don't be fooled the Red Cross hierarchy are like any good masonic order they look after their own.

    Good on ye blogger the west is awake !

  9. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Where did the money from the sale of Naomh Andreas go why when the country had a g=huge influx of refugees did the Red cross sell the only refugee property they owned. I believe they sold it so that they would not have to commit themselves to any involvement in looking after the well being of asylum seekers.

  10. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Well i am not surprised at all by the property portfolio that has been accumalated but one must also ask of the monies left in people's wills for specific pruposes to local branches. I know of one such case where monies were left to a branch to go towards a building or premises for that branch but some years later not one single brick has been laid with said monies?????????

    I fully agree with the above comment that it is time action is taken by the Executive committees, but since they have not done so in the past two decades i strongly believe it is time to sweep the decks and place a new committee in power with very specific targets and goals, and most important we must find people who will not take an anaphalatic reaction to the term "ACCOUNTABILITY" as so many of our senior committees seem to be very allergic to.

    The elections are coming soon for nominations of Executive members and I call upon all units, branches and members to take this opportunity to not re-elect the same bodies as lets be honest it is very clear that their agenda has not been for the better good in the past, and place members who will work and act in a way that we may once again be proud of this organisation before there is nothing left but bad memories and loss of public respect and confidence.

    Any board that has been in power for so long is long past its sell by date and needs to be binned before it rots the remaining bit we have left.

  11. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I completely agree with the above comment. Let us all call for an EGM and get rid of the bad apples from our organisation.

    I know personally speaking i am ashamed to don my uniform and be associated with such corruption and hidden agendas. Its time to clean up the whole organisation and get rid of all the jobs for the boys. All the way from the top down get rid of all these old cronies that have brought shame on our organisation.

    We all know whos who who answers to who and who tells who what to do.


  12. Anonymous5:14 AM

    The last post calls for name and shame but yet his comment has no name on it.You refer to bad apples have you went to your area meeting and given your rep the mandate to remove these so called apples???

  13. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Very interesting the twelve previous comments.

    If people feel so strongly and I understand why they would feel like this then they need to do something concrete. Writing comments on this blog is very important as it sheds light on the disgusting situation that prevails within the Irish Red Cross and its important members and others know what is really going on. Ultimately though its only action and real action that will change things. Members and volunteers could start issuing formal votes of no confidence (in writing) in the leadership of the organisation and demanding action be taken to replace them. Members throughout the country should start coordinating with each other and making contact with different areas and branches. We all know who the incompetents and guilty are. They have all but destroyed the good name of the Irish Red Cross. Its up to us to ensure they are removed and removed quickly.

    Secret bank accounts, unspent monies (€1 million according to the Mail on Sunday), questionable allocation of resources and expenditure, staff and member harrassment and bullying, a secret and undeclared property portfolio of maybe up to 21 properties according to one comment, legacies from wills not getting spent as per the deceased instructions (how sickening is that?), fear, cronyisim, etc etc etc. The list is endless over the last twenty years and continues to this very day. The organisation is still suing Google despite Noel Wardick revealing himself as the blogger so still the public's money donated to irish Red Cross is wasted financing the personal vendettas of the organisation's leaders. This has been going on for decades. Its how they remain in power. The Prime Time program on 26th August 2010 was the ultimate in shame, dishonesty and embarrassment by those same leaders.

    Head office staff continue to leave, four (in the overseas department out of a total of six since August) and two from the communciations and fundraising department....and all this in the middle of a massive recession. People are voting with their feet. The level of incompetence by those in charge in Merrion Square is now a real threat to staff's future careers so they can no longer risk remaining as employees. Never mind the intolerable atmosphere characterised by constant bullying and intimidation.

    Action is now required. I hope members realise the power to change things is in their hands.

  14. Anonymous12:42 AM

    I reply to the post 2 up. I also note you yourself did not sign your comment??? In this society it is not possible to stand and be counted on your own as you will be eaten by the wolfes or have you not seen what happened to Noel and many others for standing up and being counted.

    With such words of wisdom and simple solutions of just going to my area rep with mandates you may like to advise how that would work when many of them too are the "bad apples"

    The name ande shame is for those who have done wrong, misrepresented our organisation and brought us all to public disgrace.

    I agree with the above post the voting power we have would be most effective by using our feet. we should picket the National Competitions next month and bring the media along to highlight the issues and get the government to hurry up and get a full time secretary general in place.

  15. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Great idea we should all down tools until thes mess is sorted out more power to ya!!

  16. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I agree with the post who said name and shame them. The conduct that has lead to this current crisis we are facing has been going on for more than twenty years. It should not be down to one single person to stand up to them but an EGM would allow all the members to stand united and get theri points across without fear. It is long overdue and it seems that it is been avoided for some reasons ?

    The ethos and principles of the Irish Red Cross seem to have been lost with the persons who have lead us to this disasterous situation and I agree name and shame and more important get rid of them all.

    Let us not forget a huge part of our organisation that all this bad press is affecting and who don't have a voice at the top. Our youth sector who will in the future be the leaders of our society. What lessons are we teaching them if there is no accountability for actions taken.

    It is time for change and big change. I truly hope the new Chairman has the courage to tackle the huge problems facing him and i wish him every success in his future with the Irish Red Cross.

  17. Anonymous6:10 AM

    I agree that the first job of the new Chairman should be to recruit a new secretary general. His second job should be to take control of the investigation into the undeclared Tipperary bank account and hold those responsible to account. These two things will be some of the most important things he will do during his time in charge. He must do it ASAP though and his target should be to have a new secretary general in place before Christmas and those responsible for the disgraceful Tipperary bank account saga dealt decisively with by the end of October.

    The Irish Red Cross stated in the Sunday Independent that they would advertise the post of secretary general in September. I dont think this has happened yet and time is running out on September. In the meantime the new chairman should take over dual responsibility for Chairman and Secretary General and start the cleansing process immediately.

    I agree with picketing the organisation but would suggest that it might be unfair to target the national competitions as for many of our honest and committed volunteers this is a very big event and it might be unfair to spoil their special occasion just because of the outrageous actions of our so called 'leadership'. I would instead recommend picketing head office in Merrion Square. This would be difficult for all the hard working staff in Dublin but it is necessary to force through the change required. Picketing Merrion Square would also attract more media and politicians as the journalists reporting regularly on the Irish Red Cross in the Sunday Independent, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday and Village magazine as well as the Irish Times and Irish Indo and RTE are all based in Dublin.

    Why has there been no EGM/General Assembly since 2005???? Because those in charge are too cowardly to face the membership and staff and they know only too well they will be roasted alive at any such forum and they know they would all be forced from office. Its the very same reason they were terrified and scared to go on Prime Time. These people think they own the Irish Red Cross and can do as they please. Its up to us to tell them they dont and they cant.

  18. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Excellent comment from the last post. I would agree in picketing the Head Office but it would be most beneficial to do so when the Executive Committee are next due to meet. It would be most interesting to see how when they emerge from their meeting they answer questions be members of the media and members of the organisation.

    It is about time that the "closed doors" of the big boys was blown wide open and let us all look inside to see exactly how much mess we will have to clean up before we can be proud of our organisation again.

    How can we as members demand an EGM or General Assembly?

    We deserve the right to be heard and more importantly we should demand the right!

  19. Anonymous7:31 AM

    What a fantastic idea to picket their meetings until we get resolve.

    If they don't like the publicity and are shy to go on shows like Prime Time then lets bring the media to them and if there is nothing to hide they won't mind answering questions and will have accurate accounts of all their dealings with the IRC.

    Bring it on and lets get is set up.

  20. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Picketing the competitions would be like telling the Cadets and Novices ( The future of the Organisation ) that we have no respect for them either. I think we should be showing our cadets that the way forward with dignity. The volunteers on the ground are the ones working hard every day and our cadets and novices have worked hard for these competitions, and we should not take this day away from them. If we as volunteers have something to say then say it to the people who have caused the problem and that is not the volunteers that put in the hard work on the ground.

  21. Anonymous12:32 AM

    I agree picketing the competitins is not fair on the youth. However it is a absolute disgrace that the leadership of our organisation has shown so little respect for the members on the ground and for our youth sectors. If we don't clean them out soon we won't have an organisation for our youth in the future.

    We should carry on with dignity but show our youth we can unite and stand againist the ones who have lead us into this mess.

    I agree with the post on picketing the head office when the executive meet and let them answer to the members as to the crisis we are in.

    Noel your bravery is outstanding you should be made the Secretary General and bring our organisation forward with the honest, respect and courage you have shown. Well done on your great efforts.

  22. Anonymous9:19 AM

    As a poster to this forum I would like to add my support to all those who would suggest in taking those that have brought this Society into disrepute and more than shame them. They don't deserve shame as you need to care in the first place, they are a bunch of spineless wimps who get off on on bullying and actions which one cannot use words to discribe. They know who I am and for the benifit of the reader of this column I reside in Donegal so that is me face firmly pinned to the target.
    The membership of the Red Cross is formed on a model which atributes a military status on individuals who take that position and live it. They believe they are actually as important as they think they are. What kind Humanitarian organisation can have principles which demand that we are all equal whilst at the same time demand that members salute them in recognition of an importance which is directly opposed to the principles by which we are supposed to live. All equal just some are more equal than others and if you don't like that well this is one organisation that will deal with you properly.
    Juanita Majury built a wonderful Youth group and developed brilliant plans to address Social issues such as HIV and Aids and of course Refugees. What did the Executive do they got rid of her and her plans. Refugees and HIV we don't wantt them in the door so they sold the refugee home on the pretence that another property more suitable was being sought. Every member should be given a copy of Juanita's parting letter or maybe the Executive members didn't bother to read it certainly the Central Council members didn't or they would have reported it to their areas. Of course most not all Central Council members don't report anything in case they would have to actually act.

    I will stand outside Merrrion Square with anyone who wishes to actually be a member of the Red Cross and all that is entailed in being a member. In 1983 I was the first person to acquire a copy of the International Red Cross handbook at this time the Irish Red Cross did not have a copy available to members.
    In 1982 I requested a copy of the "International Responsibilities of National Red Cross Societies", by Richard Perruchoud, of the Henry Dunant Institute also not available. a Society that doesn't have the basics and still doesn't.

  23. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Will the person who has been acting as PR answering machine for the Irish Red Cross be called to answer for his recent answers to questions by members of the press in which were clearly known to be wholly untrue. An atempt once again to act in a manner which reflects how low these guys will act to hide the truth !

  24. Anonymous1:15 PM

    It's funny when one reflects on how the gombeens have managed the Irish Red cross one remembers moments that can only be described as hilariously sickening. One such incident was the visit by Cornelio Sommaruga the President of the International Red cross also an eminent Humanitarian lawyer. Arriving at Merrion Square one would have thought such an important guest would get no so much the red carpet but at least a welcome. No such thing he was told that the Executive were busy so to take his coat and go for a walk !
    He must have been so delighted with his Irish welcome needless to say his visit was short !
    His expectations also of the promised Humanitarian law training conferences were also missing ! So many moments we have to share!
    The book on the Irish Red Cross history is not going to make for good fireside reading ! Keep your head up Noel you cannot be found guilty of doing the right thing ! Exposing the corrupt has it's benifits in the long run.

  25. Folks, I think it's about time we exposed the true source of all this corruption and nepotistic influence, not just in the IRC but in all the major NGO's in Ireland - The Freemasons.
    It's about time laws were enacted that absolutely banned Freemasons from becoming members, staff, directors/board or have any influence whatsoever in NGO/Charity matters.
    I was just stunned to find out how many high ranking staff and board members of NGO's in Ireland are also Freemasons, truly shocking stuff!

  26. Anonymous12:23 AM

    I have to agree with the comment above not that there be an element of truth as the UK Police have their fair share of control from such organisations, but must disagree with regards to the Irish Red Cross. the memebers of the past and present Executive Committee would'nt get be allowed anywhere near the freemasons they have their own masonic order they call it a political party ! I would also suggest that the Executive Committee would'nt make good lizards you need a belly to be a lizzard and these guys have no guts whatso ever. Does anyone know where Ray who worked in Red Cross went? he also like Noel got the brush shaft neatly inserted by the Executive. The story that will and I mean will be told about the individuals who are the bullies in Red Cross will be an exposure that would make any humanitarian sick !

  27. Anonymous12:34 AM

    The long standing members of the Irish Red Cross are probably the biggest problem the Irish Red Cross have, they will gather together in the coming weeks and months and will support each others opinion in the denial of the truth, not unlike the the denial orchestrated by the RC Church in it's involvement in abuse. Did I use the word abuse, that is it, that is the word the members have not come to terms with. The Irish Red Cross have systematically abused the Staff and Voluntary members who have dared to question the hierarchy. A litany of fact not fiction, yet as of today not a single person accepting of their personal invlovement in the abuse of thier position.
    I will fully support Noel and anyone else who will out these idiots !
    Time to bow your heads guys and accept the shame !

  28. Anonymous4:19 AM

    The Freemasons issue is a real one. This rumour has circulated around Irish Red Cross for the last three years. Its not sure if true but it has been whispered that certain individuals, whose names we cant mention here but we know them, owe their positions to being freemasons. This issue needs to be checked out as those who know Irish Red Cross have worried about these rumours and believe their might by substance to them. Normal members and staff will be shocked by this and may even laugh it off as ridiculous. Its not ridiculous and there is plenty reason to take these claims seriously.

    The commentor above talks about the situation in England with the police there. This is true. The British government under Labour brought in laws that made it compulsory for the judiciary and all police to declare if they were freemasons. The reason was the government feared that if people came before the courts or police who were freemasons and if the judges and police were freemasons as well that these guys would get off scot free or get a very lenient treatment. Thats how serious the british government views freemasons and their secret society. They are very influential and always look out for each other and never shop each other in. Its a core philosophy that freemasons look out for each other. Its a hard thing to prove who is a freemason but fair play to the commentor who has brought this issue up and he or she should know it has been a worry at the Irish Red Cross for a while.

    The person who brought up the freemason issue says the number of freemasons in senior positions in the NGO sector is shocking. If true this is shocking. How does he or she know this? Can this person let us readers of this blog know any more about this? Its a very interesting and scary suggestion.

  29. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Recent omments made by the PR representative acting on behalf of the Irish Red Cross have been found to to contain information which have been denials as to truths presented to the press (documented truths) why was this person not immediately removed from representing the Red Cross or is it the truth that the PR person is either in on the game or is being grossly misled.
    Would the Irish Red Cross do such a thing as not tell the truth to their donors. Give us your money they will say, and stop moaning what's truth among friends.

  30. Anonymous4:49 AM

    The Irish Red Cross to many of these consultants including the present Secretary General is the goose that laid the golden egg where else or should I say who else would give you the money these guys can pay out.
    Are they still suing google or has that kitty run out ? Has the secret accounting firm which may or may not exist still looking at the Tipperary money?
    Will the Society come clean or will it do as many of it's members want hide in the shadows of it's shame !

  31. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I mentioned above that there were many incidents over the years that portrayed exactly how the Executive Committee and Central Council dealt with or should I showed how they respected members of the International Red Cross. I remember a man called Patrick ? who came to speak to the Central Council about the Red Cross well he did try, but after 5 minutes one individual on the Executive got fed up listening and cut him short and there ended the presentation, they could'nt have cared less who they insulted.
    Then of course there was the Humanitarian conference in UCD chaired by the most senior Judge in the country (not organised by anyone on the Executive) and the most senior minds in the ICRC and Henry Dunant Institute came from Switzerland. The Executive couldn't even be bothered to assist or show up to that one, in fact the three individuals who traveled from Switzerland had to organise their own transport to and from the airport and a volunteer of the Red Cross who was also one of the organisers obliged by taking the three out to dinner and pay for it as the Irish Red Cross could not be bothered as Humanitarian law had nothing to do with First Aid and the uniformed brethren always come first.
    Needless to say our guests from Switzerland didn't come back. How much light will it take to enlighten the members of the Red Cross that they are being led around like sheep by the noses !
    Bah Bah !

  32. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Will the Area representatives have the courage to ask the Central Council members to sign an affidavit which states that they are not a member of a masonic order. This should include staff and outside consultants ! The suggestion of invlovement of a masonic order in the ongoings past and present certainly adds an interesting dimension to both the arguement and a possible explanation to the behaviour of some individuals over the years. I often wondered why they could get away with so much without being made accountable.

  33. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Ladies and Gentlemen we are fighting a loosing battle. Our organisation is in public ruin and the ones who got us here are sitting pretty on their perches. From the ground up it is clear that a unique inner circle dictates who and what the IRC do and rule it to suit them selves.

    To the post asking the area reps to have courage what a joke look at who they are and what committees they sit on and you will clearly see the inner circle.

    I know you can all honestly see their powers in action locally who got appointments that were not deserved? who got courses ahead of those next in line? who was not recognised for their efforts to better their units? We all know the answers to the questions because if your one of the many honest hard working members reading this you will have wondered these questions yourselves as you were not treated fairly.

    It is most obvious when you look at the likes of Galway their area was split in recent years due to questions been asked so they split from the Unit in question. and just at present they are currently splitting from two more units so they will become an independant Area with one unit run by our colleagues in the inner circle?????????????????????????????? Now where is HQ to step up and ask what the hell is going on there?

  34. Anonymous7:44 AM

    The last comment asks where is HQ and why dont they ask 'what the hell is going on'? The Answer: The person in HQ who should be asking such questions does what he is told to do by the Vice Chairman, end of story. If he didnt he wouldnt have made hundreds of thosuands of Euros from the Irish Red Cross, nearly half a million euros in three years. This person is employed by the 'inner circle' referred to above, end of story, not by the Irish Red Cross. This person is their puppy dog. He fetches the stick when it is thrown and for that half a million euros, the equivalent of having his belly rubbed! There maybe be amazing incompetence in the Irish Red Cross but the rewards for it are huge. There is NO HQ in Irish Red Cross. There is only the inner circle who control everything. Look what happened to previous sections of the Irish Red Cross when they grew and challenged the nee naws....youth, community services, HIV/AIDS, refugees and lately the overseas department....all ruined and only former shadows of their former selves. Their managers all fired, removed, suspended but gotten rid of. Why? Because they stood up to the nee naw brigade and in the nee naw brigade inner circle mentality their growth and development was seen as threatening their control and power.

    Lets be honest in recent times we have had so much dirt revealed in the media....channeling money to the IRA in the 70's, Euro 1 Million sitting in bank accounts in the 80's and 90's not spent on the humanitarian activities it was intended for, the late 90's beef scandal which probably should be investigated by the Gardai where one of Ireland's leading beef exporters at the time 'donated' a consignement of beef to the Irish Red Cross for starving people. We all know what happened to it...the beef was inedible as it was way out of date and it was buried somewhere secretly in Africa-a scandalous action that must not go unpunished. We have had huge staff turnover, secretary general's resigning every few years, a chairman resigning, an undeclared bank account in Tipperary with 162,000 euros kept in it and only discovered in a secret internal audit, misleading press releases, a secret property portfolio that has not been included on Irish Red Cross books against standard accounting practices and reported as such by the organisation's auditors, the Prime Time disgrace, pakistan blankets as reported by Prime Time, the list is endless. Now we have the latest....FREEMASONS!!! This does makes sense to me, how else could all this happen and nobody be punished. God I am so angry with these people and I disagree with one thing from the last commnet....its not a losing battle, its only a losing battle if you think that way. These people must forever be challenged and never allowed get away with their actions. Even though the inner circle is still in power they have been disgraced by their actions and most sane sensible intelligent people from Dublin to Cork to Limerick to Donegal to Galway to Geneva to the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Department of Defence to the general public all now know what these people have done and all of them have seen their reputations rightly destroyed so if they think by remaining in power they have 'won' its only a very shallow and superficial victory and everyone knows it.

    So with a nod, a wink, a wiggle of my ears, a shake of my head and a strange handshake...or whatever silliness it is freemasons go on with....I will sign off here.

  35. Anonymous1:13 PM

    There is only one cure we need to stand againist them demand an EGM and picket head quarters until we get them all out. Every current member on the executive and central council should be withdraw from their posititions and never allowed stand for office of any level ever again.

    Its time to take this serious what ever about them damaging their reputations they are damaging the hard working HONEST volunteers who don a red cross uniform.

    i propose setting a date here on the blog for members to attend Dublin to picket for their immediate removal. Date i would propose is the next Executive meeting (does anyone know the date?) Then every reader can spread the word to their local volunteers and march them out!

  36. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I am one subscriber and a life member, just let me know and I will be standing inside Merrion Square not outside...

  37. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I will replace the fag with something decent like the Jolly Roger !

  38. Anonymous2:01 PM

    typo flag ! sticky fingers a result of being involved in Red Cross

  39. Anonymous5:18 PM

    To the poster who asked
    "Will the Area representatives have the courage to ask the Central Council members to sign an affidavit which states that they are not a member of a masonic order."

    I am a Central Council Member.

    I would have no problem signing an affidavit stating I am not a member of a masonic order. I am not a member of any order whatsoever. Nor am I a member of any "Inner Circle".

    So what am I.....

    I am a life member of the Society who wishes I had more time to be active on the ground in my area as a volunteer like I used to be.

    I am a person chosen by my area to represent them on the Central Council. Please note I said to represent my area. Not myself. Not my own interest. It was a position I was asked to take on - not one I sought.

    I think there is a feeling on this blog that everyone on the Central Council is either spineless or in it up to their necks. This is not the case.

    I will admit, it would appear that I have been guilty of accepting what was said on a superficial level in the past. That is, of course, my own issue and one I have to deal with myself.

    I have a strong belief that everyone is entitled to a fair chance to present their side of the situation - and so I reserve my judgement on this entire affair until the next Council meeting (which should be an interesting meeting to say the least).

    I have the courage of my own convictions and would never have any problem presenting either my own views or the views of my area at any Central Council meeting. I have done so in the past and would not hesitate to do so again. Of course, it remains to be seen if my opinions and views were correct !!

    I remain proud of the Society I am a member of - despite all that is being said about us in the media.
    I hope, in the midst of all this current situation, that we do not loose sight of the guiding principles of the society.

    To me, the Red Cross stands for help being provided without prejudice or hope of reward. To me, it is not about who is right or wrong. It is about the possibility that maybe, just maybe, someday someone will live because of something I was able to do, or teach someone else to do.

    I hope and pray we do not loose sight of that

  40. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Well let us all applaude of colleague from the central council isn't it wonderful to have such self convictions and ideals of our society. Your post reads like a CV and obviously if you are doing what you are saying then why is so many mistakes being made at your level and where is your reports to higher authorities stating all that you know to be wrong. You may not be a member of a massonic order but you clearly have your eyes closed to what is happening in HQ and talking about principles is wonderful but if our senior councils were all as clean and dedicated to the society's principles then we would not be in this mess. It is no good knowing there is a whistle in your mouth unless you BLOW it.

    Bring on the picket line and lets get rid of the lot and start fresh to try as our central colleague states save something

  41. Anonymous12:49 AM

    Being a life member and having been judged and found guilty of questioning the wrong doings by the hierarchy of the Red Cross and sent into isolation. I demand, not ask that I am given the opportunity to be heard. There is a subtle difference in forgiveness and the need for the truth. I have seen the truth and felt sick and lost sleep due to this organisations bullying of me and others.

    Whilst the Central Council member above may be a good person they underestimate the power of the inner sanctum. They have two hours at their meeting to sort out 30 years of events, which when written about will be as disturbing as one can imagine.

    Of course I like many others like Patrick from the ICRC and Mr Sommarugu will be ignored and the Irish Red Cross will once again line up in their uniforms and salute each other for another days work well done.

    This Society is nepotism in it's purest form.

    I also believe that everyone is entitled to a fair chance, however what exactly does that mean. Does it mean what several members of staff found that it means a run down to the labour courts and whispering among members that there is more to this story than we think and the Society would be better off without them.

    I have heard recently this whispering from Council members who are unwilling to give Noel Wardick a fair hearing and at all cost will shoot the messenger, as the message is not what they wish to hear.

    So Council member use your pen and have motions before the Council and have that affidavit signed don't wait for someone else to do it ! It takes more than courage sometimes to do the right thing by us all.

    Oh yes, I have also heard recently that the accusations that are within this blog are in the past and we need to look at the future. A deep sentiment from a guilty as hell participant !

    If the masons are not in power let the Council members say so or get off the pot !

    If there is no corruption in any form let the Council members say so. I will prove different as there is much more to expose and it's not pretty.

    I am committed to the ideals of the Red Cross and if that means a rebuild of the Irish Red Cross then so it must be !

  42. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Will the Council have the Courage to bring Jennifer the barrister brought back and apologised to. The Central Council member above speaks of the Principles what principles are these the principles of Humanity Impartiality, Neutrality what does this mean or are as the facts show are just words that spill out on an clean tongue. Empty words of compliance to ideals which show a void. I will be proved right that after all the handshakes and nodding that the Council members will not resign on mass and will play the game as they have done for the last 30 years.
    We shall see, but don't sit on your hands waiting ! I have yet to see a single member from Council stand up and be counted they might wimper in the background, but that is about as much as it it will come to.

  43. Anonymous2:42 AM

    "I have yet to see a single member from Council stand up and be counted they might wimper in the background, but that is about as much as it it will come to."

    Well, we shall see.....

    If I believe something, yet only whimper in the background, then I deserve the scorn and contempt that would (and should) be poured on me.

    To me, the situation is very different now from the last meeting. A lot has happened and come into the public domain that cannot be ignored.

    As for the Masons. I am not a Mason, and have no idea who might be one. I don't care. If I was offered - I would refuse - but then I have no interest in membership of anything like that.

    As for the poster who said my previous post reads like a "CV", I will say this....Everyone else who posts seems to do so from the heart, and so I also posted from the heart. If that reads like a CV, so be it. I simply tried to give an overview of who I am and where I am at. If I have accepted the status quo in the past, or have not asked the questions I should have been asking then the obligation to correct that rests with me. If I have been wrong in the past, I have no problem in saying that and acting on any new understanding I may have.

    Would it be good to have Jennifer brought back - yes, I would not have a problem with that.

    I would give Noel a fair hearing - just as I would give anyone a fair hearing. I respect him for all he has done over the years and in recent times.

    What has happened is in the past physically - but the consequences and issues are here and now and I am in no way saying it should be brushed under the carpet and business continue as normal. How can it. It is all in the public domain and has to be dealt with.

    If I "play the game"..........shame on me.

  44. Anonymous3:43 AM

    If your so sincere regarding the "from the heart speech"

    Then stand up be counted and do what you were appointed to do.

    ACT againist the wrong at the next council meeting call for an EGM and should one not be forthcoming then RESIGN on your principle!

  45. Anonymous5:06 AM

    If this whole sorry mess is not resolved in a clear accountable and satisfactory manner in all aspects, not just an EGM, then, YES, I will resign.

    I hope this is clear enough

  46. Anonymous9:12 AM

    /u have written to the General Secretary twice now since this whole sorry mess started and have also written to the regional office. They have not so much as acknowledged receipt of the correspondence. This just proves as in the past they will do anything to ignore the members !

  47. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I have also written a number of times to the PR representative informing him of his deceit also no response.

    I shall publish these letters soon ! perhaps they will respond when they see it in the press !

  48. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Lets stop the crap and act now ! Has anyone heard from the new chairman..? Why is the Red Cross Executive meeting in the Ashling Hotel when the good old Executive spent tens of thousands on a new board table that was not needed some years ago. It's always easy to spend the donors money when you know you will never have to account for it. So we the tax payer are paying the rent for 16 Merrion Square and the good guys are popping down to the Ashling what is going on ?

    Why is the Central Council not taking action now ? How many have written to the new chairman or have expressed their concern other than verbally to the Executive if even that ?

    Well, I believe Anthony is back in the Square with not a care in the world, why would he worry the mites on the outside shall fall and bow to the superior. In the real world Myself and Noel and all the others who have brought the activities of the management to the attention of the donors will just fade away as he and crew of others will keep doing what they do worst. Bottom line they don't give a shit !

    However, we must not give up on this occasion and if nothing else we shall expose the activities of the offenders and it won't be a cement lorry we will use. Anyone fancy breakfast in the Ashling ? Photographers and Press welcome !

  49. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I see the Red Cross has found it's self mentioned on page 10 of the Sunday times. Sorry to hear that Noel has been found guilty, a fine mess !

    Please don't loose hope Noel it took Lord Saville to get an apology in Derry maybe we could ask him to take a look at the Irish Red Cross it would't take long, probably an afternoon and a pot of coffee or tea.