Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ireland's leading web based discussion forums highlight Irish Red Cross 'situation'

Ireland's two leading web discussion forums, and, have been alive with debate and discussion on the Irish Red Cross, since the RTE Prime Time TV program of 26th August 2010. has 55 comments posted and has 36 comments posted. Makes for very interesting reading. The exact links are below:

The Irish Red Cross has been quoted in the Irish Times (27th August 2010) saying that despite the author of this blog revealing his identity last week they intend to continue their legal action against Google International in the United States of America. Why they would do this is incomprehensible as previously the Irish Red Cross stated on record that the purpose of the legal action was to identify the blog author. One would have assumed that by revealing his identity the need to take legal proceedings against Google Inc. would be negated. Only Irish Red Cross, however, will know the reason for this very puzzling decision...

On a separate note:

Many thanks for all the supportive comments posted in recent days, much appreciated.

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